Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Place For Everything

Well it's been a week and I am officially caught up with my to-do list. All of the little (and big) jobs that I have been putting off for far too long have all been caught up! Here's how it went:

Now I have to admit that most of my little jobs were pretty dull, an email here, a phone call there but once they were done I felt relief. Why I had been putting off making a five minute phone call I will never know! If you have been putting off anything small like a call or email - DO IT! You will feel a whole lot lighter once it's done.

My big to-dos were a bit more fun in that I could see the difference they made almost instantly, this is because they mostly revolved around tidying and organising. It took me almost two whole days to get my bedroom organised. I feel I should say here that I am a neat-freak. I freely admit that, I like when things have there own place and I can find them easily. My problem was that the things had there place but the things I used together were in opposite parts of the room (shoes in one place, socks in another at the other end of the room) - no wonder it takes me forever to get ready!! So I set about changing that, and in my bid to change my life (and believe me it is life changing- I am late for EVERYTHING!) I turned to my new organisation guru: Mrs Thrify! Wow! This woman is amazing! Her blog is brimmed full of ideas of things you can make, do and reuse to help your life run a little more smoothly and to give you back time to do the things that you really want to do. Her are some pictures of my new and organised life thanks to Mrs Thrify!!

If you are looking to get your space more organised to make life a little easier I heartily recommend a trip over to A Thrifty Mrs' blog, all of her posts on organising, cleaning tips, things to make and a whole host of others can be found on her how-to page here. I also recommend following her on twitter - she has a fabulous sense of humour; and her Daily Housewifery Prompts are helping me to keep on top of things in the Bubbly Burrow.

Here is the truly miraculous thing, by Thursday I had nothing left to do. I had done everything on my anti-procrastination list: put things to ebay, tidy, organise, make calls, send emails, it was all done! My free time was my own again and I was free to enjoy, my favourite little nook...

My own little corner, where I can get back to doing the crafts I love and get a bit creative again, so when you're reading my blog - this is where I wrote it. I've got brightly coloured pencils for doodling and designing my own cross-stitch patterns; a cheerful little plant, books and magazines for inspiration, and as you can see I have already been making use of my extra free time! :) 


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  1. Could probably do with Mrs Thrifty here at the moment;)
    Alison xx


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