Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Running...and other stories

I have always had a love/hate relationship with running. I hate that it can be a struggle to get motivated to go out but I love it once I'm out in the fields and my thoughts are clearer; I hate the aches and pains after but I love the mental clarity I have after and I love relaxing in the bath afterwards (candles and a book make it even more blissful).

I am not a competitive runner by any means; I entered in the compulsory cross-country race every year while at school, and I have ran a couple of times in the Race For Life but nothing serious. However in the last couple of years I have fallen out of running completely: a bad flu, a bad relationship followed by a bad break-up meant that I'd stopped running completely. Years of working in retail and standing for most of the day also left me with hyper-extension of muscles in both legs, which I used as an excuse for not getting back into it. Now, though, I have decided enough excuses I need to get back into running because I did get a lot out of it - pain and joy.

So I started on Monday, good a place as any I thought, by taking it slow and going for a long walk. I went one of my old training routes - a little over four miles through the fields near to my house, up and down hills and everything - the boy came too and we were home in about an hour. I felt good after but by the end of the day I had achy legs. It will be a while before I am back to this:

But I am determined to keep going.

After my (all be it slow) start to running again yesterday I went with friends for our first snowboarding lessons at Xscape - a birthday present from my parents. We have all skied before but snowboarding is completely different, as I was about to find out... After the long walk on Monday and me not being at my fittest I managed to fall (a lot) and my leg started shaking uncontrollably and the pain was the worst I've felt, I thought I was going to be sick. My final fall, 25 minutes into the 90 minute lesson sealed my fate as a skier and not a snowboarder. I managed to tumble, do the splits, and whack the side of my knee on the empty boot grip of the board - here it is 14 hours later:

Needless to say I think I'll be sticking to running to build my fitness, get my butt to the gym to strengthen my weak legs and skiing as my winter sport!


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Rules Of Civility

This book review has been a while in the making, life has been getting in the way of my blogging of late.

Rules Of Civility has been described as; "stylish"; "delicious"; "memorable" and "sparkling" and I'd have to say: I agree. This novel is set in New York City in 1938; with a soundtrack of jazz bands. It tells the story of three friends: Katey Kontent, Eve Ross and Tinker Grey who meet in a bar on New Year's Eve,1937 and this meeting changes the course of there lives forever. There's a love triangle, great characters, a spectacular setting and nods to society and politics of the time. I don't want to give too much away because it really is a great read, other reviews I have read have compared it with The Great Gatsby and needless to say that is now on my reading list. 

So if you are looking to be swept away to another time, another world with interesting characters that are full of life and intrigue then you can't go wrong with Rules Of Civility!


Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Inspiration comes in many forms:

My nails this week, inspired by the cover of my favourite magazine...

I love it when a new hair cut comes together...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Before I Go To Sleep

As some of you may know I was reading this as part of the Cold Water Book Club and I thought I'd do a little review.
"Memories define us. So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep? Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love - all forgotten overnight. And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story. Welcome to Christine's life."
From this blurb you can probably tell that this is a story of an amnesiac. The story is told from the point of view of Christine Lucas, a forty-seven year old woman who wakes up each day not knowing who or where she is. In the first part of the book Christine is waking up on a typical day in her life and having her husband explain to her who she is and how she came to be this way, when he leaves for work things begin to unfold. She meets with a doctor whom she has been seeing, in secret, to help her with her condition, and he gives her a journal that she has been keeping to help her remember. This is where the second part of the book begins where the reader then follows Christine's journal. This is pretty much all I can say without giving the game away, needless to say it's a page turner.

I was surprised that I enjoyed this book as much as I did - I'm more of a fantasy or chick-lit kinda gal, but I really did. As a psychological thriller though it did kind of mess with my over active imagination a little and meant that I couldn't read it right before bed (yes I am a BIG kid!) however I still enjoyed it. There are little clues all the way through the book that lead up to the ending and if I was braver I'd read it again to catch them all. The only thing I can say against this book is that I was a little disappointed with was the ending. I'm a fan of the all-round, complete happy ending so if your like me you might be disappointed too but please don't let that stop you from reading the book - it's great! And does end happier than you'd expect.

Have any of you read Before I Go To Sleep?



Confession: I am a massive bookworm. I buy and borrow more books than I will ever have the time to read. Currently I have a pile of books about two feet high next to my bed that I am aiming to get through before my birthday in June (I didn't help myself by taking two more books out of the library last week...)

Confession 2: I have four pages in my notebook filled with the titles of books that I want to read...

So I am making my way though my little mountain of books but I have discovered I will just have to buy/borrow another one. My problem began with Twitter (as so many problems do), you see I am a massive fan of Dawn Porter. For those who don't know Dawn Porter is a broadcaster/ journalist who has made TV documentaries for BBC and Channel 4 and she has now started an on-line book club known as Cold Water Book Club, described like this on Twitter:

As far as I can see I'm a bit late to the party, as usual, because they have already read a few books since beginning in February, but I am determined to give it a go; because despite my love of books I have never been part of a book club and the super-geek in me is very excited at the prospect! So the new book I must add to my ever-growing pile is: Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson. Sadly it would appear that it is very popular and I can't get it from the library so I have ordered it from my absolute favourite book site: GreenMetropolis.

GreenMetropolis is an amazing on-line charity book shop, where users can buy and sell books all the while raising money for charity AND helping the environment! Amazing! If any of you out there love books as much as me or you have tons of books around that you're looking to get rid of I highly recommend this site. So here's hoping that my book will come in time for me to read it before the first discussion (the date has still to be released) I'm really looking forward to getting started and will keep you posted on my progress...


Five Things I'm Loving...

I thought I would share a short post of the top "Five Things I'm Loving..." at the moment.

1. This photo of me:

If you are anything like me you will forgive me this moment of narcissism. I hate having my photo taken, and finding a photo where I don't look a) drunk b) stupid or c) mentally challenged is a real feat. Which is why this photo is one I am loving.

2. Tea:

I love a good cuppa and since the weather has been pretty awful I've been curling up on the sofa with tea and a book - bliss!

3. Oreo's:

To have with the aforementioned tea.

4. Radio:

They seem to be playing all my favourite oldies everytime I turn it on!

5. Slippers:

I was badly in need of new slippers and when I saw these I was in love! I don't have my own puppy to snuggle at my feet so I've settled for puppy slippers.


Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time, in a galaxy far, far away there lived a little girl who read a lot of books, watched a lot Disney movies, and talked more than she did either of the above. This little girl also like to ride her bike, run around, listen to the rain and eat Nutella right from the jar. She dreamed of being a princess.

This little girl is a little girl no more, she can't eat chocolate because it gives her dreadful headaches but she still loves to read, talk, and run. This is her blog.

P.S. She still watches a heck of a lot of Disney and yes, she still dreams of being a princess.