Thursday, 10 May 2012

Five Things I'm Loving...

I thought I would share a short post of the top "Five Things I'm Loving..." at the moment.

1. This photo of me:

If you are anything like me you will forgive me this moment of narcissism. I hate having my photo taken, and finding a photo where I don't look a) drunk b) stupid or c) mentally challenged is a real feat. Which is why this photo is one I am loving.

2. Tea:

I love a good cuppa and since the weather has been pretty awful I've been curling up on the sofa with tea and a book - bliss!

3. Oreo's:

To have with the aforementioned tea.

4. Radio:

They seem to be playing all my favourite oldies everytime I turn it on!

5. Slippers:

I was badly in need of new slippers and when I saw these I was in love! I don't have my own puppy to snuggle at my feet so I've settled for puppy slippers.


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  1. It IS you!!! Welcome to Blogland..hope you don't get as hooked as I am...make sure you leave comments on people's blogs so that they come visit the puppy slippers!
    Auntie A xx


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