Friday, 31 August 2012

Falling...for Fall

I really thought that this post might be a little premature, but I was delighted to find that there are loads of you in the blogosphere who are as excited about this as I am...Autumn!!

Now I know that being British I should refer to it as Autumn but I just like the word Fall. I think that it perfectly describes this gorgeous season. It is a time when the temperature starts to fall. The nights fall upon us quicker & become longer. The leaves on the trees turn & fill the world with beautiful shades of burnt orange, red & yellow before falling to the ground to feed the earth through the winter. It's the perfect word!

I love that this season contains some of my favourite holidays & celebrations: Halloween & Guy Fawkes. On Halloween we get to embrace our inner child: dress up, be silly & eat way too many sweets! Guy Fawkes (or Bonfire Night) means dressing up warm, usually in a faithful winter coat with a nice new scarf, getting together with friends, family & neighbours outside, around a roaring fire & filling the black night sky with colour - and there's sparklers, what's not to love?!

Then there is the food. Warm apple crumble or pumpkin pie with cream. Toffee apples; yummy vegetable soups (winter veg or potato & leek), we go back to having proper Sunday roasts with all the trimmings, in place of the Sunday barbecue.

What's not to love about breaking into your winter clothes? Freeing those jeans, scarves, gloves & hats & dusting them off - it's better than buying something new! Greeting that favourite, comfortable, old jumper with a smile, putting it on & realising: wearing it is like a hug from an old friend.


Mostly though Fall means lots of tea & crafting. All those projects I've been hoarding; put on hold because the weather was just too nice! They finally get their chance to become something, to be created. Fall is inspiration!

So I've had a good summer, I hope you have too? But I'm ready to pull on my boots & winter woolies, whip up a pot of soup & get busy making, baking & just creating! ;) Join me?



  1. No thanks!..the very thought of all those boots, scarves and jumpers makes me glad to be where I am!
    Auntie A xx

  2. A lovely post, I'm all excited for - Fall - now! Bring on the tea, wellies, jumpers, crafting and kicking up the leaves. x

  3. I'm under a blanket whist I type this! Can't wait for the cooler weather and pretty colours of the next season.

    Chunky knits aplenty!


  4. this was such a cute post :) even though i'm so devestated summer passed by so quickly, i might be a teensy tiny excited for all those sweaters, boots, teas, and leaves. but the TINIEST amount ;)


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